The Ramraj world wide social fund if created successfully the command of social system able to function more on the direction to provide social services huge benefits to common world people. How will people get the benefits & how the social system would work it all depend on the concrete support by the registered contributors. Why the structure of  the SOCIAL SECURITY SERVICE SYSTEM IS NEEDED. The reason behind it is that social & economic covering of each individual, family & the business organization is necessary if we honestly want to stop the aggressive stand taken by the all community & individuals to meet their ends against each other, which further  intensify the conflicts within the individual, family , social circle, belonging community, national society & international governments.

The Social Security Service system would cover almost every thing but most important thing is that how we can generate it among the world community as the GREAT SOCIAL REVOLUTION. The people who join the social security service system in the early stages expose it to other people the importance & benefits of the SOCIAL SECURITY SERVICE SYSTEM. We require the huge number of people to register first to start the first level of social revolution. If count less people start registering with the social system & later when we think that the HUGE SOCIAL FUND COULD BE NOW RAISED TO MAKE IT A BIG SOCIAL BUDGET then only we can further intensify the social movement.

The social security service system is completely harmless to socialism or the capitalism but supporting to both the ideologies. As we firmly believe that the Government job is very little  & the social security service system is not working for the people that's the problem world people are facing so that the capitalist groups supporting the political groups & political groups creating the constitution to influence the constitution with the induction of the extra right to ELECTION COMMISSION TO RECOGNIZE THE POLITICAL PARTIES TO FIGHT THE ELECTION & TO CONTROL THE  POLITICAL DECISION MAKING BODIES so these groups never able to come so close to bring the social & economic stability in the world. The government job is to Guard, Guide, Protect, Assist & supervise the SOCIAL SECURITY SERVICE SYSTEM.

If general people start contributing the SOCIAL MONEY  to run the social security system then the huge benefits start flowing to common people as well as to the CAPITALIST CLASS. THE SOCIALISM & THE CAPITALISM WOULD START WORK FOR THE COMMON PEOPLE. In this way poverty, hunger, food crisis, economic depression, terrorism etc could be curbed effectively & bring peace on earth.